Japanese Antiques by Ichiban Oriental and Asian Art
Starting in 2008 we began to start phasing out our business as we approached the time to retire. Since that time we have sold over 3500 items We had every confidence that we would be able to complete our closing down within two years. However we find that we are still left with 500 plus items to sell.So we are now taking more action - All items in our catalog priced at $250 or lower are now on sale at a discount of 50 % from the Listed Price. And all items priced above $250 are now on sale at a 45% discount. (The only exceptions to these discounts are the very few items listed as "Please Inquire").

Now we have added another idea to the phasing out process. We now have this new wording on 85 of the items in our on-line inventory - "Or Best Offer". These "Best Offer" items are scattered throughout the entire inventory - they are in all price ranges - from many different countries - and constitute a full range of materials from prints to ceramics to snuff bottles, etc. As each of these items are sold - we will then add another item to the "Best Offer" group so that at all times we have 85 such items listed.

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